The official Eddsworld Legacy documentary! It is fairly swell. Every part from how we acquired concerned within the present to how we stored it alive (
Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Elliot Gough (
Narrated by Matt Ley (
That includes Thomas Ridgewell (
Eddie Bowley (
Matt Hargreaves (
Tim Hautekiet (
Sue Gould (
Vicky Gould (
George Gould (
Verity Gallagher (

Produced by Thomas Ridgewell (
3D Animation by David Publish (
Further animation by Ben Smallman (
Billy Crinion (
Elliot Gough (

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
Music Composed by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
Yoav Landau (
Tommy Robin (

That includes clips from:
Eddsworld (
Andrew Huang (
Zach Hadel (
BBC Information (
Khyan Mansley (
Vokle (
Vidfest (
Eddie Bowley (
Matt Hargreaves (

Particular Because of:
Clic Sargent (
Richmond Upon Thames School (
Daniel J Layton (
Newgrounds (
Indiegogo (
and YOU!

The Animators:
Paul ter Voorde (
Tobias Knitt (
Sandra Rivas (
Anthony Worth (
Pearl Zhang (
Brandon Turner (
Pati Cmak (
Studio Cacti (
Greg McMahon (
Matt Ley (
Jamie Spicer-Lewis (
Josh Palmer (
Ben Smallman (
Billy Crinion (
Marc Lovallo (
Jonti Choosing (

Word: When you’re questioning why this is not on the Eddsworld channel, it is principally as a result of I did not need to add this and The Finish so shut collectively (I will not have entry after March 16th). In case you’re questioning why this is not on the Eddsworld Legacy channel, that is as a result of I would like individuals to truly see it.

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