The Niger Delta is an environmental catastrophe zone after fifty years of oil exploitation. One and a half million tons of crude oil has been spilled into the creeks, farms and forests, the equal to 50 Exxon Valdez disasters, one per yr.

Pure fuel contained within the crude oil shouldn’t be being collected, however burnt off in fuel flares, burning day and night time for many years.

The flaring produces as a lot greenhouse gases as 18 million automobiles and emits poisonous and carcinogenic substances within the midst of densely populated areas. Corruption is rampant, the safety state of affairs is dire, individuals are dying. However the oil retains flowing.

Poison Hearth follows a staff of native activists as they collect video testimonies from communities on the impression of oils spills and fuel flaring.

We see creeks filled with crude oil, devastated mangrove forests, wellheads that has been leaking fuel and oil for months. We meet individuals whose survival is acutely threatened by the lack of farmland, fishing and consuming water and the well being hazards of fuel flaring.

We additionally meet meet with Jonah Gbemre, who took Shell to courtroom over the fuel flaring in his village and gained a shock victory within the courtroom.

Ifie Lott travels to the Netherlands to attend Shell’s Annual Common Assembly. She needs to ask a easy query: Is Shell going to obey the courtroom order and cease flaring?