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It was the strongest cyclone to hit land in recorded historical past. On November eight, 2013, Hurricane Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, whipping the low-lying and densely-populated islands with 200 mph winds and sending a two-story-high storm surge flooding into houses, faculties, and hospitals. It wiped villages off the map and devastated cities, together with the hard-hit provincial capital Tacloban. Estimates rely greater than 5,000 lifeless and hundreds of thousands homeless. What made Haiyan so damaging? Meteorologists charged with monitoring Pacific storms reveal why the Pacific is such fertile floor for cyclones, and movie crew paperwork how circumstances dramatically deteriorated within the storm’s aftermath, as impassable roads and shuttered fuel stations paralyzed the crucial aid effort, leaving meals, water, and drugs to pile up on the airport. Catastrophe preparedness specialists scramble to know why the Philippines was so weak. As local weather change and sea degree rise threaten hundreds of thousands of the world’s most impoverished individuals with stronger, and maybe extra frequent, storms, how can we put together for the subsequent monster hurricane?

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