So as to study the true results of globalization, Pilger turns the highlight on Indonesia, a rustic described by the World Financial institution as a mannequin pupil till its globalized financial system collapsed in 1998. The movie examines the usage of sweatshop factories by well-known model names, and asks some penetrating questions. Who’re the true beneficiaries of the globalized financial system?

Who actually guidelines the world now? Is it governments or a handful of giant corporations? The Ford Motor Firm alone is larger than the economic system of South Africa. Enormously wealthy males, like Invoice Gates, have a wealth higher than all of Africa. Pilger goes behind the hype of the brand new world economic system and divulges that the divisions between the wealthy and poor have by no means been better — two thirds of the world’s kids reside in poverty — and the gulf is widening like by no means earlier than.

The movie appears on the new rulers of the world — the nice multinationals and the governments and establishments that again them — the IMF and the World Financial institution. Underneath IMF guidelines, tens of millions of individuals all through the world lose their jobs and livelihood. The truth behind a lot of recent buying and the well-known manufacturers is a sweatshop financial system, which is being duplicated in nation after nation.

The movie travels to Indonesia and Washington, asking difficult questions seldom raised within the mainstream media and exposing the scandal of globalization, together with revealing interviews with high officers of the World Financial institution and the IMF