Four Horsemen

As an elite class guidelines with unparalleled energy and unchecked corruption, and a common inhabitants sits narcotized by a widespread sense of apathy, America appears doomed to fall as many different empires have carried out all through historical past. So say the filmmakers behind the award-winning feature-length documentary 4 Horsemen. This compelling movie supplies an intensive prognosis of the nation’s huge societal and organizational ills, and provides a number of considerate treatments alongside the way in which.

Are we actually experiencing the demise gasps of the American dream? As a method of comparability, the filmmakers set forth the blueprint of Historic Rome’s demise. This tumultuous interval was characterised by a rising disparity between the wealthy and the poor, unabated abuses of energy, a debasement of foreign money, and a need among the many plenty to be managed. Sound acquainted? Whereas a few of these comparisons introduced within the movie are downright ridiculous – are movie star cooks actually an indication of America’s oncoming apocalypse? – a lot of the analogy rings true and resonant.

This isn’t a non secular documentary, however the catastrophe it outlines is nearly biblical in its scope. The 4 horsemen of the title refers to US-led monetary wrongdoings, escalating violence, deplorable situations of poverty, and looming environmental disaster. The movie contends that the driving drive behind this doomsday plot is the brand new morality in America: cash. The nation has gone far afield from a real free market system the place wealth is shared and advantages all. Capitalism could also be on the point of extinction. Right now, within the midst of huge deregulation and company greed, the nation’s monetary establishments are working solely in their very own self-interests. Politicians are owned by firms, and the wars they wage are merely autos to drive income.

Within the movie’s estimation, the actual menace lies with an American public that typically accepts the misinformation they’re fed with out query or protest. Tens of millions have misplaced their properties and life financial savings, and their kids are being killed in pointless wars. Are the American folks afraid of taking a stand, or just not understanding of the complexities at play? Regardless of the motive, 4 Horsemen hopes to coach this viewers, rally their collective outcry, and encourage a motion for change.